My name is Elena Gidoff and I am curious “pilgrim” into the world of vibrational healing with sounds.

In April 2020 “Grain of Sound” became reality, as a dream finally coming true, as a natural step in my mission here on Earth. “Grain of Sound” is an oasis where people can both find peace and can get sometimes mind-blowing healing experiences with sounds and vibrations. It is also a place for growth for me as a therapist and a person interested in people and personal development. It is a place where I strongly believe that people can get the benefit and the awe of this fantastic medicine of the future, non-intrusive, non-polluting: the Sound!


Vibrational Healing Evening

– A Meditative Experience

N-Yoga Studio Lund
19:00 – 20:30

A one and a half hour journey through the world of vibrations through sounds and visuals. New insights and a “vibration bath” for ears, eyes and soul.