Welcome to Grain of Sound’s Blog!


My name is Elena Eikari and I am curious “pilgrim” into the world of vibrational healing with sounds.


In April 2020 “Grain of Sound” became reality, as a dream finally coming true, as a natural step in my mission here on Earth. “Grain of Sound” is an oasis where people can both find peace and can get sometimes mind-blowing healing experiences with sounds and vibrations. It is also a place for growth for me as a therapist and a person interested in people and personal development. It is a place where I strongly believe that people can get the benefit and the awe of this fantastic medicine of the future, non-intrusive, non-polluting: the Sound!



What Can You Find Here?


In some of the posts, I aim to introduce you to the concept of Holistic Sound Therapy that I’m working with. Especially, I intend to deep dive into the “Why” of it, the why of working with an individualised therapy model.


In other posts I will present interesting facts, research and analysis related to vibrational healing and other related areas (sound, music, quantum physics etc.)


Some other posts will be more personal including reflections and insights related to my work domain and anything of possible relevance for you as a reader.


Here in the blog you’ll also find detailed information related to events that are organised (background, target groups, benefits for you etc.)


Finally I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read these words. My intention is to share with you a part of what inspired me and helped me to take important decisions for my health and my reason to live. Maybe that can bring a spark of light for you too…


See you soon! 🙂