Vibrational Healing Evening

– A Meditative Experience

What is It?

You’re invited to a special evening! Imagine yourself in a comfortable lying down position, surrounded by a warm atmosphere and enjoying a relaxing journey for ears, eyes and soul.

During this evening you’ll get insights on:

– how Sound can harmonise your inner world
– how your Voice is a mirror of your body’s health

During this evening you’ll experience:

– an audio-video art relaxation (see example here)
– an audio meditation with specific frequencies for grounding and balance of the nervous system


This event is presented and designed by Elena Gidoff (Grain of Sound) in collaboration with N-Yoga Studio.

Note: All necessary equipment (own headset, props etc.) will be available at the venue.

Where and When?

N-Yoga Studio Lund
19:00 – 20:30

Practical info, price and registration: here 

What’s Behind and What’s in It for Me?

This experience is unique in many ways:

  1. You’ll get to know more about a brand new concept in Scandinavia: Holistic Sound Therapy by Grain of Sound. It is based on an advanced technique using sounds in resonance with the human brainwaves (low frequency sounds) and aligned with the individual voice profile that reveals possible health issues.

    Note: In its regular form, Holistic Sound Therapy is vibro-acoustic, meaning that you can both hear and feel the sound through a very comfortable Sound Bed (available at the venue of Grain of Sound). This makes the experience of sound profoundly relaxing and invigorating.

  2. The audio-video art relaxation experience is based upon listening to serene and captivating music (in your own headset) that in its turn is the input for a magnificent graphical show projected on a big screen in front of you. The music and the graphics are perfectly synchronised, giving you a totally new experience of sound through visual and of visual through sound. The result is a sense sharpening and a focused relaxation.

  3. The audio meditation is a 15 minutes unique creation of Nick Anthony Fiorenza, a specialist within Astronomic Astrology and Medical Astrology. He composed an audio meditation based on a “planetary harmonic signature” of the Earth and Moon.

    Using binaural (independent sounds in each ear) and isochronic (pulsing) sounds, this audio meditation gives a 3D sound experience that helps you to maintain conscious awareness while decreasing brainwaves from waking thought to a more transcendent level of perceptual awareness.

    So, welcome to a one and a half hour journey through the world of vibrations through sounds and visuals. A space for new insights and a “vibration bath”.

    Happy Vibe-floating! 🙂